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Dave is an Assistant Professor of Economics at St. Cloud State University in the beautiful yet frozen city of St. Cloud, Minnesota. He watches more television than can even remotely be considered healthy, thanks to two two-tuner DVRs and a girlfriend that likes television almost as much as he does. He enjoys golfing, playing frisbee in the snow with his dog Jake, and referring to himself in the third person.

Enough with the third person. I started this blog with a few goals in mind. I wanted to make economic concepts and events a little more accessible to those that do not have a great understanding of economics — you won’t see a lot of really complicated mathematical analysis on my blog, and there are countless people who do that a lot better than I could. I wanted to comment on current events that I don’t have time to talk about in class or that aren’t related directly enough to the material to justify discussing in class. I wanted to talk a little more about politics (beyond their economic context), which I think is not appropriate for professors to do in class. I wanted to give my family, friends and students a little more information about my life — I know I always paid more attention in class when I had a professor that I actually knew something about, who was to me a real person and not just a talking head. I wanted to get some things down on paper so that it forced me to really analyze my own opinions and beliefs, and you can’t really do that until you lay it all out there in black and white. And I wanted to improve my writing skills — it’s hard to make an economics paper read well, but the more practice you have telling stories and putting complicated concepts in simple terms, the easier it becomes.

I welcome you to comment on my posts and provide any feedback you may have. The only rule I have is that comments be respectful. No insults or personal attacks will be permitted whatsoever. Thanks for reading!



The thoughts and views expressed on this blog are those of David Switzer and are not affiliated in any way with St. Cloud State University.

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