Welcome to Econ 205 Online at SCSU for the Fall 2016 semester!

This website is for students in Dr. Nimantha Manamperi’s Econ 205 online course. This is your main source for what would normally be your lectures: custom-created lecture notes and videos, links to interesting articles and examples of these concepts in the real world. I recommend that you first read the corresponding chapter(s) in the textbook (see the Course Outline in the syllabus to be sure which chapter is assigned for each module), then sit down and watch the videos. You are advised to learn the content in these modules the same way you would learn if you were sitting in a lecture: by paying attention and taking notes on what you are learning so that you can study those notes before doing the quizzes and exams. The only major difference between this online course and a lecture-based course is that you have the option of pausing if there is too much to write, or rewinding if you did not understand something that was said — a luxury that students in lecture-based classes probably wish they had. Note also that on D2L in the Content area, you can download PDF or PPT files that have the skeleton of the notes, so you don’t have to spend quite so much time taking down notes.

To expand a video to full-screen, click the bottom-right button. When you are done watching the video, click the X button on the bottom-right and the screen will collapse back to regular size and you can then scroll through the rest of the page. If the font size in the content modules is too small for you to read comfortably, simply zoom in on the page (if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, hold down the control button and move the scroll wheel up to zoom) — the paragraph width will adjust to fit into the window you have open.

If you are having difficulty with the video load times, please e-mail your instructor. You can drop off a flash drive and have the videos copied onto it, and you’ll never have to wait for a video to buffer again! For the entire semester’s worth of videos, you’ll need at least an 8GB flash drive. And if you like using your iPod or iPad to watch the videos, you won’t be able to do that on this site, since they’re Flash videos. But if you get all the videos, you can upload them to your computer and use iTunes to transfer them over and then watch at your convenience.